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By Heather Brincko


My approach

I’m very much inspired by my 3-year-old daughter. When she picks up the camera, she sees and captures it how it is and I absolutely love that. Here’s an example of her work and what resonates with me;)

I no longer do wedding photography, but what I loved about it was being hired to capture the story of a day in a couple’s lives in an artistic way. Why should that be the only day in our lives that we press pause on?

Sure, on any given day you can go grab your camera and fire away, but then you’re not in the moment anymore – you’re outside of it looking in.

The little ways you communicate with your kids, make them laugh or listen, not to mention all the work you do behind the scenes is lost.

I can be the person with the artistic eye who presses pause for you, capturing the little things to tell a cohesive story of this unique moment in time and creating beautiful true-to-life portraits.


I provide full-resolution copies of all images included in the final album for backup and printing. I also post them in an online gallery with access to high-quality printing at-cost(completely optional). If you’d like to print elsewhere (note: quality and color may very greatly), a personal-use license comes along with your digital copies.

Digital images are great to have for backup and sharing online, but they can get quickly buried, lost, destroyed or corrupt. In my opinion, the best way to really experience and soak in an image is by holding it in your hands. For those reasons and more, I also design a bookstore-quality coffee-table-syle album for all my clients.

Imagine the delight of your grandkids over twenty years from now as they look through a stack of annual albums and see an authentic depiction of the lives their parents lived at different stages of their childhood!

(Yes, I am a sap about these things)

The photo session

Instead of following the standard 1 hour photoshoot format where everyone is primped, prepared, and on-guard (not to mention exhausted afterwards), we’ll book a broader block of time for me to come over and join in on whatever you are up to that day.

I use all natural light to capture images – no flashing bulbs and I could care less if it is rainy or sunny. I love the mood that is set either way. I travel light and dress comfortably to blend in and be quick on my feet.

Although I’m always there to help when needed, I let people lead their own photo destinies instead of staging poses and unnatural scenes.

The result is natural, beautiful photos, and meaningful art for your home.


My pricing is a little untraditional. I don’t hold your photos hostage or charge exorbitant amounts for prints and albums. In fact, I make professional printing services for both prints and the book available at-cost. My talents and cost of business are covered by one flat fee.

Why? Personally, I don’t like to be nickel and dimed. I also want you to make tons of prints and look through your book with reckless abandon. That’s just what I believe should be done with photographs.

The books I provide are not leather bound or handmade by world famous artisans, but they are high quality with pages sturdy enough to stand up to most toddlers (mine have survived multiple toddlers grabbing and flipping through it). If someone tears a page or smashes a giant spider with it, a new one can be ordered without breaking the bank.

So, print lots! Send a book for grandma, stick some photos on the fridge, sprinkle them around your desk at work etc.!

Heather Brincko making encaustic photographs

About Me

My most prestigious award so far is “Most Determination,” which I received in 1987 as a beginning-level gymnast. I drink massive amounts of tea every day, love rap music, traveling, and napping (an extremely rare treat these days). Daffodils are my favorite flower. I have them tattooed on me a. because I love them so much and b. because I like to face my fears (I used to be terrified of needles).

When I was little, my dad built a darkroom in our house and I loved photography instantly. I’ve also been really into art generally since… well, always.

My wacky grandmother, Gillian Hodge (insert her high-pitched, English accent), was a ceramic artist and all-around inspiration for me. To be honest, a piece of my artistic side died when she passed in 2001 and I had a hard time picking up a camera or paintbrush for a long time.

After ditching a high-stress career in IT 10 years ago, I started picking up my cameras again. I built a darkroom in my house and also started diving into digital. Not to sound cheesy, but I started to feel alive again.

I started photographing everything that came my way – family portraits (including newborns, pregnant women, senior portraits), events, product launches, and weddings of all shapes and sizes (I loved the small ones best!). It was all great fun and I learned a ton.

These days, I focus on my true love – artistic documentary-style family portraits. I just find so much joy in the images I capture of my two children and the families I’ve photographed over the years (some I’ve photographed annually for 10 years – such an honor!!). Providing high quality, artistic, story-telling images to families is where I want to pour my heart, soul, and energy.

Committed to helping build a stronger and safer communities, in addition to volunteering, proceeds from my artwork are donated to charities that protect, support, and empower women and children.

If you’d like to learn more about what I’ve been up to, check out Facebook, Instagram, or my VSCO grid.

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